we love answering questions about our CBD and Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Here are some of our most frequently asked below! Please feel free to reach out anytime here if you have any questions that aren’t addressed on this page- we are always happy to chat!


1)    What is CBD?

a.     CBD is a molecule found in cannabis and hemp. House of Spain uses hemp derived CBD sourced from East Fork Cultivars, the first USDA certified organic hemp farm in the state and the second in the country. CBD is responsible for a myriad of health benefits which all fall under its main responsibility of maintaining homeostasis in the body. This includes anti-inflammatory properties, immune system support, pain relief, anxiety relief, more restful sleep, better clarity and focus as well as aiding in digestive health. On the other end of the spectrum it is helpful for more chronic and severe conditions as well. CBD acts as an antiproliferative, antifungal, antidiabetic, antipsoriatic, antidepressant and much more.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.


2)    What are the benefits of CBD in EVOO?

a.     CBD and EVOO work beautifully and synergistically together. We have created a lifestyle product so that the consumer is not only able to experience all the culinary applications, health benefits and flavors of the EVOO, but at the same time are also implementing an extra 10 milligrams per tablespoon of CBD into each meal without having to think about it or make it an afterthought. 

b.     CBD requires a lipid to bind to. Without this, the CBD is not as bioavailable and your body is unable to process it as efficiently as possible. Not only is EVOO a lipid, it also happened to be a healthy essential fat as well making the two a perfect combo.

c.     The EVOO also allows the CBD to be more bioavailable by pushing it through the lymphatic system and, in-turn, into the circulatory system allowing it to travel throughout the body to various receptors including CB1 and CB2. Oil that makes it to the gut passes through the mucus membrane and also aids in decreasing inflammation which allows our gut to digest food more efficiently. This allows your body to absorb almost all of the milligrams of CBD ingested without most of them being metabolized out.

d.     The omegas present in the EVOO help repair and replace our CB1 And CB2 receptors which are essential in processing endo and phytocannabinoids.


3)    What happens to the CBD when you heat the oil?

a.     As long as the integrity of the EVOO in respected the CBD will not be affected. Low to medium heat is fine. No deep frying or sautéing is suggested. We like to compare this to cooking with an expensive wine- you could but, do you really want to? This is a fine finishing oil that is meant to be appreciated not just for the CBD but for it’s flavor and health benefits as well. EVOO inherently does not have the highest smoke point (374°F) and cooking above this point to only damages the oil but also begin to break down the CBD.


4)    Does it contain THC?

a.     No. We use a CBD isolate. This is just the pure CBD isolated molecule and contains non-detectable THC in its raw form per the Certificates of Analysis.


5)    Why don’t you use full/ broad spectrum?

a.     We choose to use an isolate for a few reasons. We want everyone to be able to experience the positive affects of CBD without any of the worry or hesitation that sometimes comes with THC consumption. This could be fear or a drug test, allergies of just plain not liking the affects of THC. The isolate also does not affect the flavor of the oil which is very important as we pride ourselves on the oil that we import. 


6)    Will it show up on a drug test?

a.     Our CBD contains non- detectable THC and will not show up on a drug test.


7)    Where can I find your product?

a.     Our Original Blend and 500 Años can be found at all 17 Portland Metro New Seasons. Our Tinctures are currently at Alberta CO-op and all other local grocers can be found here!


8)    How is the CBD isolated?

a.     The CBD is isolated using high proof, organic alcohol, distillation and decarboxylation.


9)    Where in Spain do you source the oil?

a.     We source all of our EVOO from small family farms in southern Spain. Specifically, Priego de Cordoba in Andalusia.

10)  Where is the oil tested?

a.     All of our final products are tested at Green Leaf Labs in NE Portland. We also have COA’s for both the raw oil and raw CBD.


11)  Where do you get your hemp?

a.     Our hemp is sourced from East Fork Cultivars located in the Illinois Valley in Southern Oregon. They are the first USDA certified organic hemp farm in Oregon and the second in the country.


12)  How do I use it?

a.     House of Spain CBD olive oils are culinary oils and should be used just as you normally do olive oil. Make sauces, salad dressings, pestos, marinades, drizzling over pastas, salads, grilled meats, fish, chicken, veggies, using in smoothies, over popcorn, ice cream and so much more! Check out more websites here!

 13)  How many milligrams per serving?

a.     Each culinary oil contains 10mg of CBD per serving and 170mgs in the full 8.5oz bottle. We also have a 500mg 1oz tincture (16.5-17mgs/ dropperful), 1,000mg 1oz tincture (~33mgs/ dropperful), 2,000mg 1oz tincture (~67mgs/ dropperful) and a 2oz 250mg 1 oz Body Salve.


14)  How do I use the Body Salve?

a.     The body salve can be used as often as needed for more localized and immediate topical pain relief. Great for treating joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, sunburn, tension headaches and even bug bites! 


15)  How do you blend it?

a.     We have a proprietary blending technique. All the oils are uniformly blended and do not require any shaking or mixing before use.


16)  How long to feel the effects?

a.     Everyone is unique and will feel the effects differently depending on their own personal biology. CBD is an adaptogen and needs time to build in the system. Please allow 7-14 days of routine and consistent use to truly give CBD a full chance to work as optimally as possible   


17)  How much should I take?

a.     Everyone is their own unique organism with their own unique situation. Depending on the condition you are treating, how chronic or severe it is and how much CBD your own body is creating, you will require your own particular amount of CBD. You are welcome to start with a smaller amount, and use more if you feel necessary or start with more and use less if you feel that you are experiencing the desired affects and would like to see if a lesser dose will offer the same results. Listen to your body and use however much CBD you feel comfortable with.


18)  Is it organic?

a.     All of our CBD is USDA certified organic. Our olive oil is also organic but because it comes from small family farms in Spain. Because it is costly to certify, it is not officially certified organic. Only organic fertilizers are used in the olive orchards.


19)  Why don’t you offer bread with sampling?

a.     We take great pride in the olive oil that we source and want the consumer to truly be able to taste all the beautiful flavor profiles and characteristics of the oils themselves. Each is extremely unique and complex. Using bread masks the flavors of the oil itself. It is also important to us that the consumer taste for themselves that the CBD in no way affects the aroma or the flavor of the oil. 


20)  CBD just doesn’t work for me.

a.     CBD needs to be taken regularly for 7-14 days to give it a fair chance to build in your system. It is also important to include omegas in your diet in order to keep your CB1 and CB2 receptors healthy and able to process the CBD as effectively as possible. Extra virgin olive oil happens to be a wonderful source of the omegas necessary to keep these receptors as healthy as possible.


21)  Is your olive oil ‘extra virgin’?

a.     Yes! All of our olive oil is first cold pressed within 12 hours of picking. We take great pride in sourcing the very best extra virgin olive oil worldwide.